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1 Unit Mixer 24ch “YAMAHA” 16 Mic Input
2 Unit Speaker Aktif “HK”, 12 Inch
2 Unit Speaker Aktif “Yamaha”, 10 Inch ( Monitor )
2 Unit Subwoofer Aktif “HK”, 15 Inch
2 Set Mic Wireless MAP-2000WM “MAXX AUDIO PRO” Digital UHF
1 Unit Speaker Management "Mackie"
1 Unit Kabel Snake 24 Channel 25 Meter "PROEL"
2 Unit Stand Speaker “MAXX AUDIO PRO”
4 Unit Kabel Speaker “PROEL” (@ Panjang 5 Meter) Made in Italy
2 Unit Kabel Subwoofer “PROEL” (@ Panjang 5 Meter) Made in Italy

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Detail Description :

* Mixer “YAMAHA”, 16 Input Mic

24-Channel Premium Mixing Console

Spesifikasi :

• 16 Mic Inputs with 48V Phantom Power and HPF per Channel
• 24 Line Inputs (16 mono and 4 stereo)
• 6 AUX Sends + 2 FX Sends
• 4 GROUP Buses + ST Bus
• 2 Matrix out
• 1 Mono out

* Speaker Aktif 12 Inch “HK”, Made In German

This active 12”/1” fullrange mid/high unit delivers 1,200 watts of class D power, and functions either as a standalone speaker or in combination with subwoofers from the LINEAR SUB series. Four different EQ presets – Bass Boost, Flat (LF), Flat (HMF) and Contour – allow the LINEAR 3 112 FA to deliver outstanding performance and easy handling in any situation.

* Packs the muscular bi-amped punch of a 1,200 W class D power amp
* Beautifully balanced, high-definition audio
* 135 dB SPL—that”s plenty of sound pressure for audiences of up to 500 (with the suitable L SUB 1500 A or L SUB 1800 A subwoofers)
* No need for sophisticated audio skills: advanced DSP technology serves up top-notch sound every time
* Intelligent Multiband Limiter ensures tonal integrity at every volume level
* FIR crossover filtering for transparent midrange
* Plenty of sound-shaping options with four EQ presets—Bass Boost, Flat (LF), Flat (MHF) and Contour
* Very low total harmonic distortion, so no listening fatigue
* System”s sound is easy to control and shape, even from the stage
* On-target, directional PA aiming to reduce reflections off walls and ceilings

* Speaker Aktif Monitor “Yamaha”, 10 Inch

Delivering an accurate, controlled performance, the Yamaha DBR10 10" active speaker can withstand a whopping 129dB SPL. Using the latest DSP, Yamaha applied their proprietary FIR-X tuning to optimize the sound and protection algorithms of the DBR10, providing you with plenty of muscle, despite this active speaker's rather diminutive size. Incredibly versatile, you can use the DBR10 as a great-sounding main speaker or as a high-performance floor monitor with a quick flick of the Yamaha DBR10 10" active speaker's D-Contour switch. A switchable highpass filter also makes it easy for you to add a subwoofer to your rig. Sweetwater has put together countless live systems over the past three decades, so give us a call. We'll be glad to help you out!

* Powered: Yes
* Power Configuration: Bi-amped
* LF Driver Size: 1 x 10"
* HF Driver Size: 1"
* LF Driver Power Amp: 500W
* HF Driver Power Amp: 200W
* Total Power: 700W
* Inputs: 2 x XLR/TRS Combo, 1 x Stereo
* Outputs: 1 x XLR
* Frequency Range: 55Hz-20kHz (-10dB)
* Crossover Frequency: 2.1kHz
* Maximum Peak SPL: 129dB
* Horizontal Coverage Angle: 90 Degrees
* Vertical Coverage Angle: 60 Degrees
* Enclosure Material: Plastic
* Mounting Options: Pole Mount with 1.37' socket, Floor Wedge, 2 x M8 Fly Points
* Height: 19.4"
* Width: 12.1"
* Depth: 11.4"
* Weight: 23.2 lbs.
* Manufacturer Part Number: DBR10

* Subwoofer Aktif 15 Inch “HK”, Made In German

LINEAR SUB 1500 A is – a 15” bass reflex subwoofer – a diminutive miracle of power. A powerful punch, precise playback and an impressive low end (all the way to 45 Hz) make this powered sub the perfect add-on to mid/high units from the LINEAR 3 family when particularly dynamic and crisp bass response is required. What’s more, LINEAR SUB 1500 A can also be used in combination with mid/high units from the LINEAR 5 family, or as a bass extension to the ELEMENTS EASY BASE, SMART BASE and LINE BASE systems.

* Compact powered subwoofer
* 1200 watts
* 1 x 15″ speaker
* 131 dB Max SPL Peak @ 10% THD (halfspace)
* Ideal add-on to mid/high units from the LINEAR 3 family
* Can also be used in combination with LINEAR 5 mid/high units, or as a bass extension to the ELEMENTS EASY BASE, SMART BASE and LINE BASE systems
* Rugged wood enclosure
* Adjustable X-over frequency
* Integrated HK Audio MultiGrips

Microphone Wireless MAP-2000WM “MAXX AUDIO PRO” Digital UHF

Fungsi Utama:

• Dua chanel mikrofon
• Sirkuit ACT, mencari secara automatic channel yang tidak terganggu.
• Rangkaian PLL, UHF 794 - 806 MHz, range frekuensi yang luas untuk dipilih dan menghindari gangguan.
• Mengambil rangkaian penyaringan untuk menghindari sinyal yang terganggu.
• Dengan desain peningkatan regulator.
• Indikator power yang tepat untuk pengisian dan kapasitas.
• Mengunakan sirkuit penghilang noise.
• Menahan noise atau teriakan.
• Sirkuit pengawas noise bertingkat dengan anti gangguan.
• Frekuensi di desain berdasarkan karakter suara.
• Kode pengucapan terkunci, sinyal tidak berguna terkunci, control mute ganda dan menyelesaikan gangguan.
• Tersedia 200 frekuensi. Direkomendasikan untuk pub, lounge, family karaoke, KTV, sekolah, conferensi, meeting, dan lain-lain.
• Jangkauan 100 meter dalam kondisi yang baik, 80 meter dalam kondisi normal.


1. Fungsi/Keseluruhan System:
• Frekuensi : UHF 794 - 806 MHz
• Rentang adjustable : 12 MHZ
• Nomor Chanel : 48
• Jarak Channel : 250 KHZ
• Kestabilan frekuensi : + 10 ppm
• Range operasi : > 100 dB
• Distortion : < 0,5%
• Responsi frekuensi : 80 Hz - 18 kHz (plus atau minus 3 db)
• Tone Output :
- Independence 0 - 150 mV
- Mixed 0 - 150 mV

2. Receiver/Mesin Utama/Penerima:
• Power supply : AC 220V + 10% (50Hz/60Hz)
• Voltase operasi : 14V, 300mA
• Power yang digunakan : 10 Watt
• Intermediate frekuensi pertama : 110 MHz
• Intermediate frekuensi kedua : 10.7 MHz
• Interface wireless : BNC / 50 ohm
• Rasio S/N : > 98dB
• Maximum level output : + 10 dBV
• Peredaman : 75 db atau lebih
• Sensitifitas : 12 db V (80 DBS/N)
• Sensitifitas Penerima : 12-32 db V
• Dimensi : (P x L x T) 420 X 260 X 50 (MM)

3. Transmitter Handheld/Mikrofon Genggam:
• Antenna : microphone pocket projector menggunakan antena spiral built-in 1/4 gelombang
• RF Power output : Max 30 mW
• Peredaman : – 60 db
• Modulasi max : + 25 kHz
• Harmoni tertinggi : 40dB lebih rendah dari gelombang datum
• Baterai : 3 Volt ( 2 x AA 1,5 Volt)
• Dimensi: (P x Diameter) 250 X 60 (MM)
• Waktu penggunaan : 30 mw lebih dari 10 jam, 3 mw lebih dari 15 jam

Speaker Management "Mackie"

Offering sophisticated EQ, crossover, dynamics processing and system protection, the Mackie SP260 2x6 Speaker Processor provides complete system optimization for both passive and powered systems. Five different operating modes cover a wide range of systems. Each input and output is loaded with a huge range of processing including flexible EQ, crossover, delay and limiting solutions. It delivers everything you need to professionally optimize loudspeaker systems of nearly any size. The SP260 utilizes high-end 24-bit AKM® AD/DA converters with 120dB dynamic range for class-leading sound quality. With 24 user-definable presets and flexible I/O for simple routing and configuration, the SP260 is an ultra-flexible processor, ideal for a wide range of portable and permanent applications.


• Professional 2-input, 6-output system processor for passive and powered PAs
• Sophisticated, intuitive EQ, crossover, delay and dynamics processing optimizes and protects your system
• High-end 24-bit AKM AD/DA converters with 120dB dynamic range
• Two balanced XLR inputs with level control, mute, 600ms delay and 5-band parametric/shelving EQ
• Six balanced XLR outputs with level control, mute, polarity invert, dedicated high and low pass filters, 7-band parametric/shelving EQ, 600ms delay, and limiting
• Powerful limiter on every output for ultimate protection
• Convenient front-panel controls for parameter editing and input/output muting
• USB port for simple programming via PC
• Linkable inputs and outputs for easy stereo configuration
• 7-segment LED metering for input/output level or limiter activity
• 5 operating modes: 2 x stereo + sub, 3 x stereo, 2 x 2-way + sub, 2 x 3-way and 1 x 6-way
• 24 presets for storing your Mackie or other system parameters
• Switchmode power supply: 100V – 240V
• Compact, single rack unit design
• Approximate shipping weight: 8.8 lbs / 4.0 kg

* Kabel Snake 24 Channel 25 Meter "PROEL"

Audio stage box - 32 channels - 24 IN / 8 OUT - Cable length: 25 m

The EBN Audio stage boxes are constructed using an epoxy powder finish metal box, featuring small weight and dimension thanks to the professional printed circuit boards used, where high quality NEUTRIK gold-plated contacts XLR connectors are wired in automatic. Cable mount terminations are protected by PVC jackets and wired with PROEL XLRPRO Series metal connectors. CMF Series multicore cable, featuring contact earth, is used for the connections. Available configurations from 8 up to 40 channels in different lengths.

Tech Description :

* Channels: 32
* Inputs: 24 XLR
* Outputs: 8 XLR
* Cable length: 25 m

* Stand Speaker “MAXX AUDIO PRO”

• Desain by Maxx Audio Pro
• Bahan terbuat dari besi yang kuat dengan ketebalan 3 mm diameter 3,5 cm
• Lempengan kedudukan speaker terbuat dari bahan fiber yang tebal dan kuat
• Ketiga alas kaki dilengkapi dengan bahan karet anti slip
• Pin Pengunci pengaturan tinggi rendahnya speaker dengan besi crome dan dilengkapi rantai pengaman anti lepas.
• Pengunci buka tutup menggunakan baut dengan kepala pegangan yang besar
• Sanggup menahan berat maximum aman pemakaian. : 50 Kg
• Mempunyai 5 lubang step pengaturan ketinggian sesuai keinginan
• Ketinggian Minimum 110 CM
• Ketinggian Maksimum 185 CM
• Dimensi Unit : P X L X T = 14 CM X 14 CM X 103 CM
• Dimensi Dus : P X L X T = 15 CM X 15 CM X 105 CM
• Dimanfaatkan untuk ukuran speaker 8 - 15 inch.

* Kabel Speaker & Subwoofer “PROEL” (@ Panjang 5 Meter) Made in Italy

Standar kabel speaker PROEL memiliki serabut negatif dengan tingkat kepadatan tinggi dikepang perisai tembaga dan dua konduktor tembaga dalam (terdiri dari masing-masing 35 helai kawat tembaga tipis x 2 jalur dengan jumlah keseluruhan 70 helai kawat tembaga tipis), memungkinkan untuk fleksibilitas maksimum dan mengurangi tingkat kebisingan. Bagian luar dilindungi dengan karet PVC yang lentur dan sangat kuat. Dapat melindungi dari air dan hawa cuaca yang panas atau dingin.

Aplikasi :

Untuk menghubungkan Mikrofon, Speaker Aktif, Subwoofer Aktif, Aplikasi Portable, Kabel Koneksi Antar Perangkat Audio, PA Sistem, Dll

Fitur :

• Professional audio kabel mikrofon
• Ultra pengantar sinyal audio yang sempurna
• Memiliki tingkat serabut yang padat
• Sangat Fleksibel
• Tidak mudah putus
• Tahan terhadap cuaca yang Ekstrim / Panas dan Dingin
• Tingkat kebisingan yang rendah

Spesifikasi :

• Stereo system kabel terdapat tiga jalur audio
• Terdiri serabut negatif yang padat 125 helai kawat yang dikepang perisai
• Dua konduktor yang berwarna biru 35 helai kawat tembaga tipis dan warna putih 35 helai kawat tembaga tipis
• Untuk mencengah / rawan putus bagian dalam saat instalasi maka bersama dua konduktor (biru & putih) tersebut maka terselip dua jalur benang nilon yang dikepang dengan jumlah keseluruhan 34 serat
• Dua konduktor dan dua benang nilon tersebut dibungkus dengan kain keras , kemudian terdapat kepangan perisai serabut negatif
• Pada bagian paling luar di bungkus dengan karet PVC yang sangat kuat
• Warna karet PVC bagian luar adalah Hitam
• Panjang 5 Meter
• Terpasang Jack Merek PROEL
• Made in Italy

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